Enjoy Boxing Day delights with greater savings!

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So many of us shop our hearts out before and during Christmas, thinking we get the best deals. But that’s not entirely true! Savings and shopping perks continue on the day after – Boxing Day (26 December in the US and 27 December in Singapore).

Boxing Day is one of the biggest holidays celebrated on the day after Christmas; traditionally, it’s a custom on this day to give money and other gifts to the needy and poor. Some say that this custom began from the lords and ladies of England presenting Christmas gift boxes to their servants on December 26 – hence the name.

Malls are usually closed during this period, as many retailers’ staff and people are busy feasting and exchanging gifts, so big bargains appear mostly online. Many also take the opportunity to spend gift cards and vouchers received on Christmas Day during this day.

Watch out for this week of holiday shopping specials online – it will likely be one of the biggest discounts of the year, equal to Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Discounts can go up to a whopping 50% from the big retailers, from fashion and electronic items to even baby products!

Mark the date and remember to save your vPOST shipping addresses in those merchants that you have identified!


Log in to your vPost account and locate your personal vPost Europe or vPost U.S. address.

Enter the address in your respective online retailers and ship all your items out.

We’ll notify you via email when your parcel arrives at your Europe or U.S. address. You can either ship them out straight, or wait till all your parcels from various merchants arrive.

Ship them out together to enjoy bundle discounts from the 2nd parcel onwards – with 21 days to hold your items, there’s no rush!

Still confused on how it works? Don’t worry, we can always shop on your behalf! To kickstart your Boxing Day shopping, here are some merchant highlights:

Happy Boxing Day! More savings and tips upcoming in this space!

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