Is International Direct Shipping Your Best Choice?

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With the rise of the internet, and improved logistics shipping worldwide, online shopping has now become a very viable option for anyone wanting a particular item or gift from the other side of the world. No #planeticket or #hotelstay necessary to be able to get your hands on the fastest and latest that you can’t immediately buy in Singapore.

Major online retailers have recently caught on to this trend, and a lot of them are now riding the wave of the popularity of Singaporeans shopping on their web-sites, providing direct shipping to Singapore. “Hurray!” you say, but are you really getting the best bang for your buck?

Here are some examples to show you how using vPost can benefit you. All prices are in SGD and correct at time of writing.

Forever 21:

Forever 21 is one of the fashion e-tailers that is very popular with Singaporeans. In the below example, you will notice that direct shipping is not always the best choice.


Using vPost, you actually save $32.22! As the comparison shows, the international shipping fee is almost 100% more than vPost’s shipping fee.



Colourpop is another popular e-tailer among Singaporeans, best known for their bespoke and unique make-up collection that is not found in Singapore.


Shipping via vPost is cheaper by $13.99! That’s enough to buy one more item from Colourpop!


Nordstrom is a multi-brand retailer that sells a variety of items, literally making it a great one stop shop for overseas shoppers looking for great items that are available primarily in the U.S.


With vPost, that’s a difference of $75.07! This example also shows that international direct shipping might seem more convenient but it can literally come at a price.

If you see from the 2 tables above, using a U.S. shipping address gives you a different price compared to when you use a Singapore shipping address. Some retailers like Nordstrom allow you to pay in Singapore dollars and ship to Singapore but you have to deal with marked up prices meant to protect the retailer against currency fluctuations or pay for shipping fees.

Summary of Savings


This summary shows that by shopping at these merchants with vPost, you save a whopping $121.28

Additionally, many U.S. retailers actually offer free domestic shipping with a minimum spend. With the money you’ve saved, you can shop even more!

In our next post, we will show you how you can enjoy further savings by bundling your purchases from multiple merchants. Stay tuned to our blog to find out more savings tricks!

*Shipping fees for vPost is based on average fee data for these merchants

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