Making Package Collection Easy

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We know most of you are in school or at work most of the time, and there’s no one home when your latest online purchases arrive or it’s inconvenient to deliver to your workplace.

Another great alternative is to collect your package(s) at any POPstation (available 24 hours, 7 days a week) or Post Office.


We have 145 POPStations island-wide and you can collect them anytime of the day including weekends and public holidays. Find the most conveniently located one for you from this list.

If all of your packages fit into the boxes of the POPstation, the POPstation option will appear in the Shipping Address portion when you checkout.

Follow these steps to select a POPStation as your delivery address:


On the Check Out page, go to Shipping Address and select POPStation.



Enter your postal code and click on search



Select the POPStation nearest to you



Confirm your order and make payment. Once done, you can collect your package from the POPStation address that you selected. When your package(s) is ready for collection, you will receive a QR code via email and/or an SMS alert with a collection PIN. Head down to the POPStation address you’ve selected and use these to claim your items.


Each POPStation has 3 different locker sizes:






42cm (w) x 10cm (h) x 61cm (d)

42cm (w) x 23.5cm (h) x 61cm (d)

42cm (w) x 37cm (h) x 61cm (d)

Note: if you have more than one packages, each package will be assigned to one locker.

Post Offices

Find the most conveniently located Post Office for you from this list and also do take note of the opening hours of the Post Offices.

Follow these steps to select a Post Office as your delivery address:


On the Check Out page, go to Shipping Address and select Post Office.



From the drop-down menu, select your preferred Post Office branch.



Lastly, confirm your order and make payment. Once done, you can collect your package from the Post Office that you selected.


That’s all! We will notify you via email, with the collection details, once your package(s) reaches your preferred Post Office branch. When you collect, be sure to bring along a printed copy of our email notification and your original NRIC.

Can’t make it? Authorize someone else to collect on your behalf. This person must produce:

1. His/her identity card or passport; and

2. The authorization advice (download it here)

What happens if I fail to collect my package(s) at the designated Post Office or POPstation?

The collection window for POPStations and Post Office is within 5 days from the time you receive the email/SMS notification or Delivery Advice. If you fail to collect your package(s) within 5 days of notification, it will be sent to Singpost Centre (10 Eunos Rd 8, SingPost Centre, Singapore 408600) on the next working day – and if you’re still unable to collect from Singpost Centre within 5 working days, it will be sent back to our processing facility for an additional 2 weeks, and you will have to make arrangements for it to be delivered again. In the event that it’s still unclaimed after 2 weeks, your package(s) will be donated or discarded at our sole discretion.

Hope this clarifies your questions on package collection and eases your concerns on international shopping and shipping with us!

Happy global shopping with vPost!

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