Shopping and Saving like a Pro

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We’ve all been there. We’re shopping online at Macy’s and find something we love, but it’s out of stock. Nordstrom has it, but we have other items on Macy’s we don’t want to let go of. So we end up shopping from two different retailers, forced to pay for two different international shipping fees, which is really annoying.


With each merchant charging their own international shipping fee, costs are jacked up, causing you to lose any savings that you’ve made from shopping online in the first place. Furthermore, you have to make an effort of keeping track to keep track all the separate packages separately. Overseas shopping can be a logistical mess.

But, with vPost, it doesn’t have to be!

You have a holding period of 21 days on your vPost overseas shipping address. With this, you can stockpile your orders from all those different merchants and send them all together under one fee. What’s even better is that from the second package onwards, there’s ZERO base shipping charge!

In our previous post, we showed you how choosing that shipping with vPost can be cheaper than direct shipping. Let us use the same products from that earlier post to show you how consolidating your shipping can help you save even more.


You can see how stockpiling your orders can give you a larger discount. On top of this, you can save even more by using the promo codes from vPost’s partners. Hence, we’d recommend that you get friends and family in on the shopping too, as consolidating all the different orders together leads to savings for everyone all round!

Once you’re all set to ship, make the final payment and get these packages sent right to your doorstep. No additional delivery fees.

It’s that simple. Now get shopping and hopping!

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