How to shop on Single’s Day

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The most exciting shopping season is upon us and kicking off the “Buy Buy Buy” festivities is none other than China’s Alibaba flagship Single’s Day!

Also known as 11.11 or “Shuan Shi Yi” (​双十​一),​ this year’s edition will feature more than 180,000 global brands join the fray to offer exclusive items and big discounts to feed the consumption frenzy.

To hunt down the best bargains, here are some tips to navigate Alibaba’s massive universe of online marketplaces in the lead up to November 11.

Alibaba’s online marketplaces: choose the right website

While most of the shopping excitement occurs on Taobao, this is not the only Alibaba marketplace extending great offers on Single’s Day.​​ –​​ “Taobao” translated to English means “treasure hunt”. Shoppers can find anything and everything on this C2C (Consumer to Consumer) and B2C (Business to Consumer) platform with the majority of Chinese merchants selling on it.​​ – Only legally registered brands can sell on this B2C only platform so you can shop with a piece of mind as all products listed are authentic.​​ – Prices are slightly higher on this English platform but shipping is usually offered free.

Take advantage of pre-event discounts and promotions

To drum up excitement, merchants will roll out exciting discounts and vouchers in the lead up to the actual day. Download the mobile app and check in frequently so you don’t miss out collecting attractive up-for-grabs vouchers and discount codes to apply to your checkout basket on the actual day.

Make a list and fill your shopping cart before 11 Nov

Browsing online and checking out your shopping cart on Single’s Day can be a lengthy process due to the deluge of web traffic. Some planning can go a long way – draft your shopping list and fill your shopping cart with all your desired items before the stroke of midnight on 11th November.

Shop Single’s Day with vPost

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